Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It Takes Two!

It can be so difficult to work with uncooperative people that provide sloppy answers & leave a discussion abruptly in é process of hashing up a plan. Especially when the friend we're doing it for is one that matters to us and it's their birthday. Can nobody help with anything. The worst is telling me that there's no point in asking you for help because you're going to be useless. You can't get a cake; You can't help with the present; You don't want to pay for your own meal.

Then- to acknowledge is one thing, but to ignore something I'm asking if you can do, is another. For crying out loud if you don't want to help just tell me you can't rather than ignore me altogether and leave the discussion. Even if you can't make it to the party, does that mean you can't help entirely? I love my friends but sometimes we can be uncooperative whether we know it or not. Yes, I use we because I might be guilty of this too. When it comes to the people that matter, one should go the extra mile.

I was told I'm blowing things out of proportion because I told my friend he was rude for leaving the discussion before we could finalize the plan. To which he replied i was being whiny and blowing it up bigger than it is. When I asked how I was 'blowing things out of proportion', he replied a whole slew of things (Para1Line4) which in a nutshell was trying to say he is useless and I made a big deal probably because I was having a bad day and taking it out on him- Not true.

I'm not complaining that I'm left to do everything by myself because I don't mind it at all. But when it comes to preparing something for a friend on their birthday, I would rather much like everyone to play a part in the process and not let it be a one man show.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Suck It!

"Glad I can brush peoples idiocracy and attitude problems off with a killer weekend. Nothing says suck it like a positive attitude!"
Noelene Joseph

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

People run away from the things their afraid of. After expressing my thoughts to some 'acquaintances' I got the feeling that I hit a nerve with my comments. This somebody started behaving quieter than usual. My theory? When somebody knows you're right, their too caught up in denial to admit their mistake. Hence, they began acting out on you because they were too immature to face the truth and you just shoved it in their face. If you've got the balls to say or do something, then have the guts to man up to it and face the facts. Twisting your words may suppress your guilt but it won't remove it. Why make some trivial practical joke bigger than it should be!

I've come to experience many people in my years and I've seen 'The Good', 'The Bad', and 'The Ugly'.

The GOOD are ones with proper etiquette and social responsibility. They basically have morals and live by a code of conduct. They don't hold grudges and are not very petty.

The BAD are ones who know what they want and go for it whether it means hurting somebody in the process as long as it makes them look good. However, they do it openly and not in a way that stabs you in the back, i.e. they will tell you off if they have to.

The UGLY to summarize in one word are, 'hypocrites'. They are two faced and will not admit to their mistakes. Their a loaded gun, appearing to be your friend but what their really doing is collecting Intel/ ammunition and will use it to their advantage if the time ever comes for it.

It's not that difficult to begin with the truth. Maybe something you said or did could have just been a practical joke and twisting your story or pointing to others will just end you up shooting yourself in the aftermath. Honesty is the foundation of any kind of relationship or friendship.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shifting Gears

Things change and people change. Relationships can shift gears as quick as lightning. And the craziest thing comes from cracking your head trying to figure out that moment where it all changed. What was the one word, one thing, one variable that could have made a great enough impact that stirred a roller coaster of emotions.

You are in the driver's seat so take the wheel and don't let go. Life is so indefinite. Feelings like people, come and go. As much as you'd love to take control and have everyone see your way, we've gotta take reality more seriously. At some point you start to wonder if it was all worth it. What were you really doing it for and if your actions even mattered. The only constant is you.

The stars above give some hope. No matter what happens, the world continues spinning and life will be better off with or without you. There's too much crazy in the world to take things too seriously. Kickback and sip your tea. The world's not going anywhere, just you. Swing from tree to tree. Bust out of that shoe box and catch some waves.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Muse I Just Can't Refuse

She's so foreign it's somewhat bohemian
Her words speak a different language but her eyes beg to differ
Can I go on breathing life with crazy shenanigans?
Or is this playing with fire and leaving a trail of litter...

Living high living with pride
I sometimes get tangled in a web of lies
This is crazy my mind's a little hazy
You're my muse I just can't refuse

I get addicted at every word and thought about her
Put a crush o' meter and it would smoke through the roof
Most nights I crash in with her
She keeps me with her... people now think I'm aloof

Monday, July 11, 2011

Relationships Are Like A Test

When things seem broken
Misunderstandings emerge from the horizon
Torn apart by hate
Darkness gloom ever near the gate

The air that gives me life
The wheels that drive me to strife
The wind that pushes me as a guide
I can't help but see you as my wife

Relationships are like a test
It grows and starts a pounding in your chest
You study and try your best
Then you reap the rewards and be blessed

Friday, July 8, 2011


We're all still young
Let's live and have fun
Let our hair down
And soak up the sun

Innocence is insanely overrated
Don't take away our fun and have it terminated
Brothers and sisters starting a fire
Keep this up there's no way we can go higher

Just gimme more
I wanna live forever
Photos will be our memories true
Can hardly wait 'till next year

Monday, July 4, 2011

This Shit Is Fucking Bananas!

What goes up, must come down
It's such a strain to toy with so much waste
Neither here nor there
Tell me am I far or am I near?

You think I'm strong, but I'm weak
You think I love, but I hate
You think I'm right, but I'm wrong

Violence is never the answer
Neither is giving me the cold shoulder
There's so much struggle
Why am I so fickle?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Does Your Age Really Matter?

"Women never reveal their age while Men never act their age."
Cassaundra Gail

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Gerri: 'My mom walked from Vivo to Imbiah'

Bob: 'Huh how did she walk all the way to India?'

Me: 'Imbiah the station in Sentosa, doofus!' Haha

Bob: 'Oh no wonder. I thought she wants to go there to be like Gandhi and spread open the sea!'

Me: 'Hmm, that wasn't Gandhi... it was Moses!'

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


'Happiness is when you enjoy some time alone without feeling lonely.'

Casey Lloyd

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Save Yourself Before You Can Save The World!

'Don't wanna be this other person who let's everything get him down
Don't wanna look back and regret things with a frown
The hurt can be so bad all you can think about is the eagerness to drown
Love and hate can come and go but look for what's real or it will all be blown.'

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fack Everything Else!

Retired from the room at 6.30am
Filled with mixed feelings
Stepped into my car and 'Luxurious' plays

As I drive out it begins to rain
The sky is simply breath-taking
I wind-down the window
This nonchalant feeling is undeniably awesome
It shouts 'Fuck everything else!'
I just wanna let go and not wait anymore

Monday, May 2, 2011

What It's Like To Be An Entrepreneur!

You may not always be successful at times
But that don't mean you fall and let it slide
It's not always about the money
But the priceless lessons and satisfaction

-don't want your charity, don't try to cheat me-

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Indie, Indian or Just Way Too Blonde?

Welcome to breakfast with Addison and Cor and I @ the Garden Slug!

Me: 'Looks like many 'atas' people come to this cafe.'
Addison: 'Yes and the indie ones too.'
Me: 'I think I fall under the indie category.'
Cor: 'Nonsense uh you! Then why doesn't your Facebook location say come from India?'
Me: 'How is indie and india related?'
Cor: 'Huh? Don't they mean the same thing?'
Me and Addison: -____- HAHAHA!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

All I Wanna Do

'I can't believe it too
You're all I wanna do
Baby, it's me and you
Please don't play me for a fool'

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't Fight This Feeling

Upbeat and ain't grumpy, that's how life should be
Wondering what's next comes with such a high expense
So don't wake me up 'cause I'm feeling kinda funky

There's something about you that's got me so high
Got a strange feeling whenever you're by my side
I wanna explode and run my hands up your thigh
Don't fight this feeling and we can get lucky tonight

Some optimism is crucial right about now
What do you say if I take you round town
I'm never leaving home without my lucky charm

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soak Myself In Bourbon

Neither here nor there
Can't blame you you misconceive me
Hardly even know enough to share
Been here been there tried and tried so see

Soak myself in bourbon
Think I'm gonna gonna drown
Get me a glass and another gallon
I never learn from my mistakes whenever I fall down

Just let go and let me be
Don't hold back no more frowning
Throw yourself in the air
And you will see how the world is free

Monday, March 28, 2011

Running Free With No Place To Be

My brain is too active, a little to repetitive

Too many dreams, too many thoughts

Running free with no place to be

Likely to pay the high price of deranged custody

There's no guarantee as to whatever may be

Living life to the extremes, I'm prone to insanity

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grinding Lindsay Lohan

I wanna be a blonde haired guy so freakin' bad

Do all the stupid things I always do

I wanna be on the cover of People magazine

Grinding next to Paris & Lindsay

Every time I find a guy

I slip and land right on my ass

A different party every night oh

I swear the world better prepare

For when I'm a blonde bimbo