Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Island Getaway

I figured this would be a good way to begin my first blog entry, writing about something I’ve been talking about doing for a while now. Yes, I finally took a vacation, went over to Indonesia for the weekend with my family and neighbors for the holidays. The ride over there was pretty awesome but the only downside was my cap flying into the sea. Everyone around felt my pain as they all gasped along with me but nobody was fast enough to catch hold of it. Damnations! But it was quickly made up for by the friendliness and beautiful culture of the place.

We had amazing scrumptious food like the Kampong Fried Rice, Mee Goreng, Avocado juice with cocoa and some other things. It was yummy head to toe. And obviously I needed some pampering, so we headed to the spa. This was my first time being at one so it was all rather new to me. The three things I did were the Body Scrub, A Facial and a Cream bath. Back in the Hotel room with the family, we basically chilled having baileys, munching on satays and watching HBO.

Now I’m back from my escapades and ready to rock and roll.