Tuesday, September 28, 2010


@ Addison's housewarming party.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Meet ups with friends and family over the weekend put so much life back in me again after weeks of covering duties in St Pat's. Had a great dinner with Addison and Desmond on Friday with so much discussions about Teaching life and swapping stories with each other about our experiences in the classroom and shenanigans from students.

Managed to catch up with Tor, Dom and Chris for dinner on Sat and made some extra money after from Poker at Cor's house with the homies. Spent Sunday meeting at my cousin's home for their kid's First Holy Communion, birthday party and watched the F1 night race! The only daunting thing I must admit about this weekend is that I have been considering letting somebody I once left behind back into my life again. After tying up loose ends it seems everything was great, in fact, fantastic! But perseverance from people seems to have an impact on me. What will I do?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Get A Life and Get Real!

WHO or WHAT or HOW I am is of nobody's concern but for the people that actually MATTER to me. So don't pour your misery down on me.

I am not a pretentious bloke like some try to be. Turning up their mp3 players to hard rock songs and when it shuffles,"Take A Bow" by Rihana comes on and you immediately switch the song to another ghetto gangsta track because you are embarrassed your friends will know you listen to bubble gum pop shit!

Or even some that persistently deny doing any wrong and refuse to face the consequences of their actions. If you talk about being a man at least face up to your actions rather than sulk and cry like a loser. Why not just get comfortable in your own skin for a change?

I take my hat off to the people that actually know how to think for themselves and stand on their own two feet. They are not afraid of how others perceive them to be. These are the gentlemen of the future!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Glass is Half Full

I like those free and easy weekends when you don't plan anything much but just meet with friends and do whatever you guys feel like or chill at home and kick-back with a movie!

Spent the whole or most of the Sunday eating and shopping about town with Addison, whom I haven't seen in sometime while he's getting adjusted to University life. Heard many nice things and I cannot wait to start my University in 2 years!

"I see the glass as half full.
You see it as half empty.
I think we have a problem."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Wicked Down Under!

Got a whole new meaning to the term "Down Under" on my vacation to Perth, WA last week. And boy is everything low, loaded and branded! The thing I find appealing going to another country is that I'm always living a different lifestyle. That's kinda like my motto and I live true to it by doing things I won't normally do back home.

Here's a breakdown of the things I did in Perth; From taking the subway like J Lo... to eating to my heart's content like Kirstie Alley... to visiting Churches like Mother Teresa... to shopping like Paris Hilton... to relaxing with the company of nature and country like Jason Mraz... and last but not least partying it up like P Diddy! (Ok not, Diddy, that's a tad over the top! Oh wait, Yes, Diddy!)

It was only a week so that was about all we could squeeze into the itinerary. I must admit I didn't think I was gonna have as much fun as I did in Perth and I'm glad everything happened the way it did. To my mates, the blokes and blonds, thanks for a good time!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

For Your Entertainment (Part III)

"There are so many times I turn to look at you
You seem so mesmerized I wonder what I didn't do
Take me away to somewhere green and blue
Oh how the black and white seems to go so well on you

Open the gate and set yourself free
I'll take you to the abyss of Love and darkness
When you get up from this bed and see all your favourite things
You wouldn't recognize the pieces that's left of me."