Sunday, June 21, 2009


Reminiscing about the details in my life lately got me started on writing this entry.

The feeling of disappointment can be so overwhelming that it consumes you entirely and it's like a mark on your body, except that it can't be seen.

Just recently, I felt totally consumed by this feeling that I let down one of my best friends who has always confided in me. Complacency got the better of me is all I can say. Over the past two decades, I have indeed disappointed friends and family and that is seriously the biggest regret ever made. Also, not being at Corey's birthday (best friend of 11 years) this year is something that has been "haunting" me, especially since he reminds me about it all the time, but I promise to make it up to you soon buddy! I appreciate everyone, especially my closer friends and I always have your best interest at heart no matter what.

This event got me thinking, I wonder on which party does it hurt more, the jailbird or the "victim". We're all human beings and being human means we're not always perfect. Now, I turn over a new leaf and hope to have learned from past mistakes and grow from the experiences faced over the years in life. From the series of events, if the friendship survives, then it would indeed also have nurtured and this is definitely something to cherish.

"All of us have friends and people we definitely cannot do without".

Addison Thomas W.