Saturday, August 20, 2011

Suck It!

"Glad I can brush peoples idiocracy and attitude problems off with a killer weekend. Nothing says suck it like a positive attitude!"
Noelene Joseph

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

People run away from the things their afraid of. After expressing my thoughts to some 'acquaintances' I got the feeling that I hit a nerve with my comments. This somebody started behaving quieter than usual. My theory? When somebody knows you're right, their too caught up in denial to admit their mistake. Hence, they began acting out on you because they were too immature to face the truth and you just shoved it in their face. If you've got the balls to say or do something, then have the guts to man up to it and face the facts. Twisting your words may suppress your guilt but it won't remove it. Why make some trivial practical joke bigger than it should be!

I've come to experience many people in my years and I've seen 'The Good', 'The Bad', and 'The Ugly'.

The GOOD are ones with proper etiquette and social responsibility. They basically have morals and live by a code of conduct. They don't hold grudges and are not very petty.

The BAD are ones who know what they want and go for it whether it means hurting somebody in the process as long as it makes them look good. However, they do it openly and not in a way that stabs you in the back, i.e. they will tell you off if they have to.

The UGLY to summarize in one word are, 'hypocrites'. They are two faced and will not admit to their mistakes. Their a loaded gun, appearing to be your friend but what their really doing is collecting Intel/ ammunition and will use it to their advantage if the time ever comes for it.

It's not that difficult to begin with the truth. Maybe something you said or did could have just been a practical joke and twisting your story or pointing to others will just end you up shooting yourself in the aftermath. Honesty is the foundation of any kind of relationship or friendship.