Sunday, January 23, 2011

White Winged Messengers

Not too young, not too old. What is the right age to start thinking about marriage. They say girls think about it from when they were already very little. However, it never crosses the mind's of men until their mature or old enough and tired of playing the field. Like Chandler Bing from FRIENDS, marriage acts as a repellent and gives rise to opportunity to get out of the relationship

But anyways, this weekend we got a chance to catch up with an old childhood friend who just got married. Michael is the second from our childhood clan to get 'hitched'. Actually, they got married exactly 5 years ago by ROM but now they've decided to have a big celebration with family and friends since they didn't have an elaborate one yet to mark the occasion.

The wedding or renewal of vows was held at Crowne Plaza hotel. Congratulations to Mike and Mitz!

'White winged messengers,
set free today,
are sent with love and blessings
that will never fade away.'

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Own Time, Own Target!

Who says there's nothing to do on this island? In fact, in my opinion, there's so many ways one can enjoy and easily entertain themselves or visitors. But anyway, I bring this up because last week we celebrated Deb's 21st birthday with a round of Laser Tag. It is without a doubt, strenuous but so bloody enjoyable.

With all the targeting and live range experience in the army, it must have really paid off. We did have a round of paint ball in BMT back in December which did not quite go so well. I got hit twice, one on the neck and another on the butt. Trust me it is not very nice. Laser Tag on the other hand only involves a shock/ vibration when you are hit by the 'enemy'. Overall, I ranked 3rd among the whole party of 30! Yes, I'm so modest I know. Haha!

Happy 21st, Debs! Glad you had a rockin' good time!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Camaraderie Of Soldiers

An overwhelming feeling of nostalgia hit me just when I threw my jockey cap in the air. That moment every recruit awaits while going through their Basic Military Training (BMT) as it signifies the completion of our BMT and on to the next phase of our training. My batch fortunately was lucky enough to have our Graduation Parade at Marina Bay on the floating platform after a very demanding 24Km route march. Come to think of it, it was more of a sight-seeing experience marching by the airport, east coast park and marina bay. I will never forget the people and friends I've made this last 9 weeks of enduring pain and going through the struggles of the military life together.

Some things I'll never forget;
  1. Digging a shell-scrape for the first time at field camp
  2. Turnout at 4 in the morning for our rifle collection
  3. Making a bon fire and sitting under the gotex jacket to block the rain and keep warm with my section
  4. Entrusted as Platoon i/c for a week
  5. Directing the National Education day showcase for our company
There's definitely more that just these 5 but for now that's all I'm gonna list down.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil.

Deception, the ultimate evil.

We need to have more saintly people around us, strictly speaking just plain honesty would be great. What can we do if we see that something is not right. If people we are surrounded by are so fucked up and deceptive. Should we close one eye and pretend everything is fine. But when you ignore a problem, the problem is only going to get bigger.

Help me to understand how someone can be so twisted, shallow and unappreciative. Somebody who claims to care so much and wants to avoid hurting another party BUT goes ahead and does it anyway.

I've concluded that people today are missing what they call good old SINCERITY and APPRECIATION.

PS: I'm not claiming to be a Saint if anybody gets that idea.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's A Wonderful Life!

'I thought of you again today.
Reminded me how with time I've changed.
If you only knew what you gave to me...

Our time meant so much to me, now you can't be found.
You were the first I trusted.
I learned what love is, when we were just kids.

Thank you for those special moments.
You'll always be here in mind.
Did you know you changed my life.
I'm thankful for those times. Thankful for those times.
It's a wonderful life.'

Dinner and Countdown with the family
River View Hotel

New Year's lunch with Corey and Addison
Lord of the Rings Monopoly with Cassie and friends