Sunday, January 16, 2011

Own Time, Own Target!

Who says there's nothing to do on this island? In fact, in my opinion, there's so many ways one can enjoy and easily entertain themselves or visitors. But anyway, I bring this up because last week we celebrated Deb's 21st birthday with a round of Laser Tag. It is without a doubt, strenuous but so bloody enjoyable.

With all the targeting and live range experience in the army, it must have really paid off. We did have a round of paint ball in BMT back in December which did not quite go so well. I got hit twice, one on the neck and another on the butt. Trust me it is not very nice. Laser Tag on the other hand only involves a shock/ vibration when you are hit by the 'enemy'. Overall, I ranked 3rd among the whole party of 30! Yes, I'm so modest I know. Haha!

Happy 21st, Debs! Glad you had a rockin' good time!

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