Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When Dannel Met Gwen

F1 Rocks was truly a remarkable and sensational event. Just imagine at F1 in 2008, I was working as a ticketing inspector and only catching glimpses of the race. This year, I got to experience this marvelous event nearly front row with Addison who shares the same interests as me in almost everything and whom I'm entirely grateful to for helping me get to this point in my life! Props to him also for the pictures!

Meeting Gwen Stefani and No Doubt (Day 1)
It was a miracle that I got the opportunity to meet No Doubt again after 12 years (I previously met them back in 1997). This has been a dream of mine if you remember an entry i posted in August about being disappointed not getting to witness No Doubt's comeback tour. However, I won a 98.7 contest and got backstage passes to meet the band. Patience really is a virtue. The 7 steps took when meeting No Doubt; 1 - Walked straight up to Tony, Adrian and Tom to hand each of them the gift cards I prepared. 2 - Wished Gwen Stefani a "Happy Birthday" and gave her the gift card and a pink rose. 3 - Took a group picture. 4 - Had a short conversation with Gwen. I think she was blown-away when she saw the picture of us in 1997. 5 - Take an individual shot of just us. 6 - Autograph. 7 - A hug and cheek kiss goodbye. Gwen Stefani was really sweet!

After the Meet and Greet, we joined the crowd in anticipation of No Doubt's performance. There was a group of people beside us that were sharing about their love for No Doubt and it felt good to be able to relate to them so easily and hear it from the perspectives of Different People throughout the night! No Doubt delivered a high and energized performance that got every person at Fort Canning Park jumping with the band. It was worth the 13 year wait to see them live in concert. Every moment felt like magic. Period.

An Irreplaceable Night (Day 2)
This event was sold-out! I felt The Black Eyed Peas were alright but nothing compared to their concert in 2007. They did pump it up during the more familiar songs but we felt it was a rather short gig altogether. There was still hope though for Beyonce who was scheduled to come on at midnight. I have been a fan of her music but to witness her do her thing live, it was truly out- of- this- world and has raised my appreciation and respect of this wonderful woman. Beyonce had a tremendous amount of energy in her. I had shivers just standing there. The Diva truly saved the show that night and we were left craving for more of her.

You can view videos on my facebook page here or at Addison's Youtube channel.







Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wedding Bells

Last week on September 19Th, my neighbour and childhood friend Marianne got married! Boy were we all excited and happy for her.

I remember when we were just kids and we would have many laughs, fights and fun times. We would frequently take a cycle or roller blade to the parks nearby and sometimes even East Coast Beach.

The wedding was very well planned and organized. If I'm not wrong they have been planning it for over a year. It must be such a relief to have finally gotten to their big day and pull it off so well.

All the best and many blessings to the newly married couple!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's A Toy Story

Last Friday Dora and I headed to MINT, Museum of Toys at Bugis. I had never seen or heard of the place before but it did sound interesting so I decided to give it a shot when Dora asked. And I'm so happy I went, the museum brought back so many memories of all the old-school cartoons we used to watch growing up. I saw Popeye, Batman, Tin tin, Flinstone, Ultraman and many many more.

The place was pretty chic too and had a very lovely restaurant complementing it. The time most of the other visitors spent on 3 levels was equivalent to the time we procrastinated on one level. What we did were read the history boards, cam-whoring and marvelling at the countless toys on display.

If you think about it, many of the toys we had as kids like the Power Rangers MegaZord would be worth so much in value had we kept it instead of.. Hm whatever happened to them?!

After the Museum, we headed to a very lovely dessert shop near the place and had such scrumptous cheesecake, I can't remember the name of the shop though. Afterwards it was some shopping and dinner in town.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Importance of Proof-Reading

Sarah Palin's resignation, The edited version from Vanity Fair.

I will post new entries about the past week of activities tomorrow. Cheers!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

When Words Contradict

Bob and I went down to Plaza for dinner at subway last night before watching The Time Traveller's Wife and we had a chat on owning pets which led to the following.

Bob: I think I wanna work at SPCA

DG: Em, why?

Bob: Because I love animals and I want to care for them.

DG: Alright, I can give you the number of a friend I know of that works there.

Bob: I wonder how much is the pay.. If it's quite low I might reconsider.

DG: Oh what happened to "caring" and "loving" for animals?!

Bob: ...

I wanna own a pet dog in the future. I can just imagine taking it on walks around the neighbourhood and going cycling or running with it to the beach on weekends! I was going to get a Doberman and after talking with Addison, we had decided to name it Sasha. (Like a lil Sasha Fierce? lol)

I had gone to buy all the supplies that I would need to prepare myself as a new dog owner and got so excited about the arrival of Sasha the next morning.

However, just as I got back from the store was I greeted with a call that would be the last thing that I had wanted to hear. Hm.. I stopped the delivery of the supplies immediately and the store agreed to a refund! I took this as a sign for better things to come in the future perhaps?