Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Excuse Me Mr. Big

Last night a group of us decided to go down to Christian's condo to surprise him and countdown to his Birthday today. Chris was only expecting the sisters, thus Verena, Dom and I hid behind the bushes by the pool and shouted "SURPRISE" when he came down. However, that didn't go as well as we were hoping but nonetheless still surprised him I think?!

Had a great party by the pool afterwards playing all sorts of games from "Indian Poker" to "I Never" and other games which revealed different sides of us and tested on how much we knew each other on a more personal level. Had 2 bottles of wine to complement the party.

At the stroke of midnight, we began singing happy birthday which was when Marco, Mark and Feroz came out with a cake and yet again surprised Chris who thought they had abandoned him on his special day. The night was a success and I'm sure Chris had enjoyed himself especially being thrown into the pool! Happy 20Th Birthday man!

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