Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shut Up And Drive

Good things come to those who wait. I believe it now!

In the neighborhood that I grew up in for the past 15 over years, we have been the sole family to not own a car. All that is about to change because two weeks ago, Dad was convinced that owning a car would be a good idea for the family. Mom arranged a meeting with the agent who came down to our house and showed us the various cars that she proposed we take. After much thought, we settled on getting the Nissan Latio Sport, a hatchback and reddish-GOLD colored.

The following week after we headed down to the showroom and did a test drive. I was quite hesitant to drive in the beginning because I only received my license in March this year. Plus, in these past six months I have not been driving on a regular basis, except on a few occasions. I eventually took the wheel and it turned out well. I was alleviated as the agent said I did not need a “refresher’s course”, YEAH!!! Now, I hope I can polish up my aptitude in driving when the car arrives by the end of September. The modest part of me believes there is always room for improvement.

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