Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stand And Deliver!

'There will be no more training for war...
Let your armour be the Lord Jesus Christ...
Stand ready...'

Words taken from Mass today. Being in the army, it's no wonder these words caught my attention. However, the military goes on. And we hold on to our faith and believes in our hearts and minds.

On a different note, had my first official book-out this weekend. Did dinner at Scruffy Murphy's on Friday night with Corey and Bob. Breakfast with G on Sat, lunch with Darren and Sheryl at Dome. Novena and Movie in the evening followed by dinner and drinks at Durty Nelly's with Addison and Corey and Dom and Hazel joined us too. All in all, had really good food with fun and loving friends and family. Will be booking in this evening.

Itinerary for this coming week:
- Outfield Training (Mon-Fri)
- Br Kelvin's sister's wedding (Sat)
- Standard Chartered Marathon (Sun)

Lord, help me!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pre-Enlistment Madness!

I remember receiving a letter back in May informing me of my Nov 9 enlistment date into the army in which I will be undergoing a 9 week basic military training. And now, 6 months later this day beckons. Running every night at East Coast was literally my only source of escape into feeling safe and drowning my doubts and fears about enlistment.

But this whirlwind of a week was definitely a big push in the right direction. Been receiving so much encouragement and prayers from my family, friends, lectors, etc! And for everyone that I have had the opportunity to meet up with or talk to on the phone, I'm truly blessed and knowing that I have this HELLA GOOD circle of people around, it makes me inspired to serve and protect all of you, UNDERNEATH IT ALL!

"When it's really bad, I guess it's not that bad!"