Friday, April 23, 2010

Giving Back, The Idol Way

My visit to California in 2008 coincided with American Idol Gives Back and being a fan of the show, I went for the opportunity and bought a ticket which burnt a hole in my pocket after that. I didn't really have a choice since the less costly ones were sold out and I had really wanted to attend the show. My only consolation? The fact that the money goes to charity!

Idol Gives Back aired again last night and this time it was held at Pasadena whereas in '08 it was held at the Kodak Theatre which was way more convenient since I was staying within walking distance from there. It was a pretty cool experience going for the event and I was seated in the middle on the second level.

Some peeps beside me thought I was a seat filler and they became pretty fascinated when they learnt I was from Singapore... that never gets old.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Keeps Getting Hotter

The temperature this past week soared to over 29 degrees. You would think being on a hot island back home I'd be used to it by now but no. The changing conditions from hot to cold and cold to hot put me under the weather for a while.

It showered on Monday so we pushed our Disney plans to Tuesday and went to the mall on Monday. Wednesday was California Adventures and with the recommendation of Nikki, we tried "California Screaming", a roller coaster ride with a 360 degree loop.... Went on it TWICE! We would have gone more but the heat was a disaster. I was really surprised how my 3 year old niece, Haley was so confident and braved through rides like "Tower Of Terror", "Space Mountain" and others. In one photo, she turned around to look at this guy with a really frightened face. It looked like she was thinking to herself "Why's this guy screaming? RELAX!"

Then Thursday we drove down to Irvine Spectrum where many popular brands are located at. Venice Beach was on Friday, one of my favourite places. The beach was beautiful! There was quite a handful of really weird people too. I guess that just adds to the culture of Venice Beach. And the homes there cost a bomb too. You're basically paying a fortune for living in the area and getting crappy houses. Woke up early on Saturday for a two hour drive to Palm Springs. This one's another beautiful place and Gwen Stefani vacationed there about two weeks ago. It was my second time in this area. Again like in 2008, we went up the mountains and breathed in some of the cleanest air you could ever inhale. Walked around in the snow and went down to the outlet malls for some crazy shopping afterwards.

After Cassie and Malcolm left on Sunday, I went to a sports bar with Nich and watched my first hockey game. After being a patron in there, I wonder how people enjoy watching soccer games at coffee shops? lol... Then it was Mass at Church and a close to Week 2.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome To Orange County

Updates from my trip thus far.

Arrived into LAX on Tuesday evening. Danielle, Vanessa and I went to Yard House for dinner and then met some other friends over at a bar, "Envy" at Downtown Fullerton to party a bit.

Decided to chill at home on Wednesday with family. We ended up playing "Family Feud". What did I learn from game night? That, basically I need to work on my general knowledge and speed skills!

On Thursday, Danielle and I ran some errands and I created an account with Bank Of America. Yes! I officially have an a checking and savings account and a debit card with BOA. My card should be arriving in the mail within 5 days.

Went to the airport on Friday to pick up Cassie and her brother. Had some lunch at home and after my Aunt dropped us at the mall where we spent almost 5 hours browsing through every store possible. This was followed by our Good Friday service at Church.

Put on our blue suede shoes and left for Hollywood on Saturday. Took on some star power on the 2 hour Hollywood land tour and Mdm Tussuad's Wax Museum.

Attended Easter Mass followed by family lunch, Easter Egg Hunt, Beer Pong and Poker on Sunday!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Live Like We're Dying

April Fool's Day was made to humiliate people and a day to joke and lie without feeling bad about it.

2 years ago (2008) when I was on vacation in Los Angeles, Big D and Small D pulled a really twisted and deceitful prank on me. It all began while I was out at a mall with my cousin and I got a call from Small D saying that the group of them were out cycling and Big D was hit by a truck. She continued on that they were on the way to the hospital and she was afraid and didn't know what to do. She sounded so sincere on the phone.

After we hanged up, my cousin and I talked:

V: It's April Fool's today, Danny
Dan: Yea, you think their pulling a fast one on me? She sounded so frightened on the phone!

Small D continues to call me through the evening with updates at the hospital and sounds really worried from each call. And after about an hour or so she begins crying and sobbing through the phone! An hour later, she calls again with news that Big D died! She doesn't know what to do! She's so scared, etc. I'm going like WTF? Is this for real or what! But I try to comfort her still.

After the call with Small D, I phone my cousins and they tell me it's all bullshit and their pulling a prank on me.

(5 minutes later)

Big D and Small D: April Fools!!!

Dan: B*#$%^&! Nobody jokes about death!