Friday, April 23, 2010

Giving Back, The Idol Way

My visit to California in 2008 coincided with American Idol Gives Back and being a fan of the show, I went for the opportunity and bought a ticket which burnt a hole in my pocket after that. I didn't really have a choice since the less costly ones were sold out and I had really wanted to attend the show. My only consolation? The fact that the money goes to charity!

Idol Gives Back aired again last night and this time it was held at Pasadena whereas in '08 it was held at the Kodak Theatre which was way more convenient since I was staying within walking distance from there. It was a pretty cool experience going for the event and I was seated in the middle on the second level.

Some peeps beside me thought I was a seat filler and they became pretty fascinated when they learnt I was from Singapore... that never gets old.

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