Monday, November 30, 2009

Time To Step Up

School is becoming more and more intense. Only two weeks left to our Christmas break so hopefully that keeps me motivated. Been filling my calendar with activities and parties, it really is beginning to feel like the holidays already.

I decided to make resolutions and begin them in December rather than wait for January. Been coming up with a few. Would probably share them in a future post.

Anyway, after a very tiring day in school, met Corey and Bob at the Coffee Club for dinner and had such an awesome time talking about everything under the sun. That was exactly what I needed to wind up myself and get my mind off school and projects.

I wonder how everyone else is doing? Is work or school putting you down? Well, everytime I feel that way, I just listen to my Itunes and get inspired by the lyrics.

Status update on New Moon: 2 chapters to go, and then I can finally embrace the fact that I fulfilled my goal of completing it before watching the movie, which I hope to do so fast!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What Are You Thankful For?

On this day in the United States and Canada, they celebrate what we know as "Thanksgiving". It is held on the fourth Thursday of November, usually a month before Christmas.

I don't know the real reason why they celebrate Thanksgiving, but I hear it is to give thanks to God for helping the Pilgrims and Indians survive a brutal winter. However, this is still debatable. I strongly feel that whatever the reason for celebrating it is, it is still a fantastic reason for bringing together one's family and friends and giving thanks to God for the past year.

No matter what trials and tribulations one has had to endure, we are lucky to have our lives and I say we make the most of how much or how little we have. To top it off, you get to throw a party or attend one with lots of great food (usually consists of sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and don't forget that turkey!), drinks and memories to cherish that will last you a life time.

Now, stop sulking about how stress or tired you are with life. Get up and feel powerful about the future! Get motivated!

Before I end this post, I would like to share about what I am thankful for this year. Can you guess? Yes, I am thankful for having met Gwen Stefani and taking a photograph with her for a second time. Also, without a doubt, my faith which I have been able to keep alive for the past 20 years and the opportunity to lector in Church. Last but not least, everyone who has been reading my blog! Now, what is it that YOU are THANKFUL for?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You Can't Reach Me On My Telephone

My Nokia N95 had not been in proper working condition for months which made me at most times noncommunicable.

To be honest, it felt really good not being disturbed by the constant usage. You know what I mean? Not needing to rely on technology so much basically. The only time I checked my phone was when it was being charged at home and I would reply to all my texts and calls at one go, at my own time.

However, I received a text from Singtel about a Christmas fair, held last weekend, so I thought I check it out. They had a fabulous deal on the Nokia E72 which I have been eyeing for a while now since it was released. I took the opportunity to get it so I can be mobile again, lol. I'm gonna miss using the N95 though. It's assisted me in countless ways for the 2 and a half years now.

Time to look forward with the E72 now. It is a really neat and chic phone I must say, but I'm still getting used to the functions and applications. I'm pretty glad I decided to wait in getting a new phone rather than replace my N95 immediately when it was faulty almost 3 months ago. I thought I made a pretty good deal. I guess it's true what they say, Patience really is a virtue!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Monster Inside Of Me Has A Craving...

Lady Gaga is damn fine. After watching her latest single "Bad Romance", I can't get my eyes off her.

I heard the song on the radio on the way home from school and goggled it later that day, only to end up watching the music video 10 times.

Her music is FANTASTIC and her singing IMPECCABLE. The theatrical part of Lady Gaga and how she oozes sex appeal just draws you closer to her, making you want more and more. Do you have that similar craving? LOL.. I can't help it. She is so amazingly sexy in the video.

Gwen quoted to the LA Times after witnessing a live performance of her saying "Lady Gaga is truly an intense singer and performer". I wonder if Lady Gaga sees Gwen as part of her inspiration. I'll be sure to pick up a copy of THE FAME MONSTER when it hits stores November 24!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Resistance Has Been Broken!

BLACK HOLES AND REVELATIONS! That was my initial reaction when I heard Muse was coming to town in February 2010. I was introduced to Muse back in 2007.

The band's music and lyrics got me head over heels in love with them. Tracks like "Plug In Baby", "Starlight", "Time Is Running Out" and my favourite "Unintended" kept racing through my mind back then when I heard it for the first time and still does even till today.

This morning in lecture, I opened my laptop and entered Sistic at 9am sharp to book tickets for Debz and I. We got tickets in Category 1 and are now eagerly anticipating our date with Muse in February. For now, get into the GROOVE and PLUG IN some MUSE Music!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blast From The Past

The Afro hair, bell bottoms, high platform sneakers, peace signs, polka dots and stripes and many others. Who said these things were out of fashion?

Well, Yes, I was not born in that generation and nobody along the streets wears them anymore. But last night, I got the once in a lifetime opportunity to go back in time and capture the sights and sounds of the disco era where it was re-surfaced by the dynamic duo Delano and Apollonia who celebrated their 21 birthday by creating a Retro themed party to mark the occasion, groovy yeah!

Retro night was a hell lotta fun with an amazing pool of hyped up groovy people. Apple's best friend created a 20 minute video montage for her and Delano with birthday messages and photos of the twins growing up, which was truly a heart-warming and entertaining video. Having done one myself for Addison at his 21st Birthday, I know that put up something like that requires a lot of time and effort. So thumbs up to her for a job well done!
As the night progressed, songs from the 80's and some Bhangra music began to emerge that got everyone to their feet and danced the night away. Well ,at least Apple for sure who's such a fantastic dancer and there was hardly a moment where I looked to her and didn't see those hips moving.

Kudos on a groovy party Delano and Apple. Hope you guys had a blast. Happy 21st birthday!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Sandwich A Day, Keeps The Beach Away

Got up this morning with an overwhelming sensation for a Subway Cheese Steak and Vanilla Latte. But only my medicines were at the dining table awaiting me.

Also, been contemplating for 4 weeks now about switching electives. Finally submitted my proposal to do an independent Study Project instead of Math for Business which is my current elective. I'm trying to remain optimistic that the department will approve my proposal. otherwise, I'm stuck with Math for the remaining semester.

Fun fact, I found out that November 3 is International Sandwich day. Since Verena got called in for work, there went our plans for roller-blading at East Coast. Hence, Bob and I went to Subway for dinner this evening at Parkway and had our "Int'l Sandwich Day", one week late.

Listening to Heal The World by Michael Jackson as I'm writing this entry. Going to work on my Financial Planning tutorial now. Goodnight!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Video Clip On Demand (November) / Robert McCallister

This scene of Brothers and Sisters depicts so interestingly the very existence of life and death in the world and carries with it a substantial message on family ties.

I would like to use this entry to also speak about a character in the show that I feel plays a very strong role in the series. This character is Robert Alexander McCallister played by Rob Lowe. He is one that I can relate to and is somebody that encompasses strong characteristics that I would like to possess myself. Robert is headstrong, confident, a family man, and does his hardest to please the people that matter most in his life.

Although at times, Robert may have some selfish motives and seem like the villain, but when you draw closer, he really is just the opposite. How many of us don't do things just for ourselves sometimes.

Like in this clip where he was supposed to be by his wife, Kitty at the hospital expecting the delivery of their baby. But at the end of the day, he still tries to make ends meet by wanting to go through with the conference and still make it in time for the birth of his baby. He is clearly good at multi-tasking and believed he could handle it. However, sometimes too much multi-tasking can get the better of us.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sitback, Relax And Enjoy The Ride, While It Lasts

ChinaOne in September 2009
It's the weekend! And I have much work being accumulated as I lay my head down every single time.

In an attempt to keep up with classes, I declined to go partying with my brothers at ChinaOne to stay home and study. However, after I dropped them at Clarke Quay... I ended up watching 3 episodes of FRIENDS and finally hit the sack.

A weird incident happened at my neighbour's house last night too. It was so twisted I ended up calling Addison, Corey and Verena! HAHAH. Check my Twitpics to see it. I'm avoiding putting it here for Addison's benefit.

Finally, I went for Bible Sharing yesterday evening which a friend invited me for. I thought this would be a good way for me to clear my head over all the craziness that's been going on. It did help and this phrase caught my attention, "Pleasure is Desire fulfilled". They were talking about advertisements and material things, I think? There are so many ways of interpreting this phrase.

Going to study as hard as I can today and tomorrow. Need my Latte now.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sometimes... We Get Too Caught Up

Singapore Poly organized a career talk for us Banking and Finance students this afternoon. The speakers invited were alumni of the school and are currently working in the financial sector. The speaker spoke to us about Private Banking and the responsibilities it entails. I wished I had paid more attention for the last 2.5 years.

Another thing I read about today was how social networking sites like Twitter and FaceBook is costing the British economy 1.38 billion pounds. Each staff was surveyed and the results collated suggested each of them spend an average of 40 minutes a week on these sites. But when asked about their colleagues, they responded that they are on at least an hour a day.

This is no surprise seeing that in our own classes, students are already browsing the Internet and playing games and Twittering during tutorials. What more can we expect from a regular office. I believe everyone should get some downtime and should not be restricted to visit these sites during their work but should keep in mind an allocated duration to spend on the site.

Personally, when I take a break and visit FaceBook, I can get caught up in it and be there longer than I should. Social networking sites can be very helpful to everyone of all ages. Furthermore it may be used to draw in money to companies if used in the right circumstances professionally.

For the full article, visit this site.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Underdog In All Of Us

After Victoria introduced this show and expressed her great enthusiasm for it, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to find out what all the rave was. Before I knew it, Glee, a comedy/musical became my latest obsession.

The characters are so diverse, from the stud of the football team who enjoys singing and dancing (Finn Hudson) and faces criticism from his football mates to the geeky good girl that is not afraid to speak her mind and reaches for her dreams (Rachel Berry) to the School Counsellor with OCD who is in love with a married man and faces mind-boggling decisions regarding her future (Emma Pillsbury) to the Physical Education Teacher (Sue Sylvester) that is the antagonist of the show and together with her cheerleader minions they come up with diabolical plans to bring down anything in their way.

The tag line accompanying the poster writes "A biting comedy for the underdog in all of us". I think everyone can relate to the show one way or another. It speaks about how people can at times hide things about themselves at the expense of wanting to be liked more by their peers.

In addition, it teaches us to come out of our shell and live life being who we really are and doing what we enjoy. Experience with the cast how they live their lives through the highs and lows and being genuine to themselves. By doing so, I believe you will live a happier and healthier life. Stay tuned for my Video Clip On Demand for Glee in December.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween was scrumptiously delicious this year. My inspiration for being a Cowboy came from viewing some James Dean photos online. Also, the theme at Rebel was "Playhouse", thus I intended to go there dressed after one of my favourite animated characters, Woody, from Toy Story.

Victoria and Anil had a room booked at Swissotel, and we had an exclusive private party there joined by Verena and company. After a round of drinks and "I Never", Pearl, Debz and I had to leave to join Addison, Corey, Mel and the rest waiting outside Attica. Due to some inconveniences, we shifted to The Supper Club instead of Attica and Rebel. The place was filled with an electrifying crowd for sure and not over-crowded.
It was good to see many of us in our costumes and partying in a very different setting and bursting out our characters and emotions with the personality we carry with our costume. Halloween is not an official holiday here and definitely does not have the same hype as it does in the US but I think it has been getting quite a lot of buzz and will continue to grow in Singapore over the years.