Monday, November 30, 2009

Time To Step Up

School is becoming more and more intense. Only two weeks left to our Christmas break so hopefully that keeps me motivated. Been filling my calendar with activities and parties, it really is beginning to feel like the holidays already.

I decided to make resolutions and begin them in December rather than wait for January. Been coming up with a few. Would probably share them in a future post.

Anyway, after a very tiring day in school, met Corey and Bob at the Coffee Club for dinner and had such an awesome time talking about everything under the sun. That was exactly what I needed to wind up myself and get my mind off school and projects.

I wonder how everyone else is doing? Is work or school putting you down? Well, everytime I feel that way, I just listen to my Itunes and get inspired by the lyrics.

Status update on New Moon: 2 chapters to go, and then I can finally embrace the fact that I fulfilled my goal of completing it before watching the movie, which I hope to do so fast!

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