Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween was scrumptiously delicious this year. My inspiration for being a Cowboy came from viewing some James Dean photos online. Also, the theme at Rebel was "Playhouse", thus I intended to go there dressed after one of my favourite animated characters, Woody, from Toy Story.

Victoria and Anil had a room booked at Swissotel, and we had an exclusive private party there joined by Verena and company. After a round of drinks and "I Never", Pearl, Debz and I had to leave to join Addison, Corey, Mel and the rest waiting outside Attica. Due to some inconveniences, we shifted to The Supper Club instead of Attica and Rebel. The place was filled with an electrifying crowd for sure and not over-crowded.
It was good to see many of us in our costumes and partying in a very different setting and bursting out our characters and emotions with the personality we carry with our costume. Halloween is not an official holiday here and definitely does not have the same hype as it does in the US but I think it has been getting quite a lot of buzz and will continue to grow in Singapore over the years.

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