Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Sandwich A Day, Keeps The Beach Away

Got up this morning with an overwhelming sensation for a Subway Cheese Steak and Vanilla Latte. But only my medicines were at the dining table awaiting me.

Also, been contemplating for 4 weeks now about switching electives. Finally submitted my proposal to do an independent Study Project instead of Math for Business which is my current elective. I'm trying to remain optimistic that the department will approve my proposal. otherwise, I'm stuck with Math for the remaining semester.

Fun fact, I found out that November 3 is International Sandwich day. Since Verena got called in for work, there went our plans for roller-blading at East Coast. Hence, Bob and I went to Subway for dinner this evening at Parkway and had our "Int'l Sandwich Day", one week late.

Listening to Heal The World by Michael Jackson as I'm writing this entry. Going to work on my Financial Planning tutorial now. Goodnight!

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