Sunday, November 8, 2009

Video Clip On Demand (November) / Robert McCallister

This scene of Brothers and Sisters depicts so interestingly the very existence of life and death in the world and carries with it a substantial message on family ties.

I would like to use this entry to also speak about a character in the show that I feel plays a very strong role in the series. This character is Robert Alexander McCallister played by Rob Lowe. He is one that I can relate to and is somebody that encompasses strong characteristics that I would like to possess myself. Robert is headstrong, confident, a family man, and does his hardest to please the people that matter most in his life.

Although at times, Robert may have some selfish motives and seem like the villain, but when you draw closer, he really is just the opposite. How many of us don't do things just for ourselves sometimes.

Like in this clip where he was supposed to be by his wife, Kitty at the hospital expecting the delivery of their baby. But at the end of the day, he still tries to make ends meet by wanting to go through with the conference and still make it in time for the birth of his baby. He is clearly good at multi-tasking and believed he could handle it. However, sometimes too much multi-tasking can get the better of us.

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