Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't Fight This Feeling

Upbeat and ain't grumpy, that's how life should be
Wondering what's next comes with such a high expense
So don't wake me up 'cause I'm feeling kinda funky

There's something about you that's got me so high
Got a strange feeling whenever you're by my side
I wanna explode and run my hands up your thigh
Don't fight this feeling and we can get lucky tonight

Some optimism is crucial right about now
What do you say if I take you round town
I'm never leaving home without my lucky charm

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soak Myself In Bourbon

Neither here nor there
Can't blame you you misconceive me
Hardly even know enough to share
Been here been there tried and tried so see

Soak myself in bourbon
Think I'm gonna gonna drown
Get me a glass and another gallon
I never learn from my mistakes whenever I fall down

Just let go and let me be
Don't hold back no more frowning
Throw yourself in the air
And you will see how the world is free

Monday, March 28, 2011

Running Free With No Place To Be

My brain is too active, a little to repetitive

Too many dreams, too many thoughts

Running free with no place to be

Likely to pay the high price of deranged custody

There's no guarantee as to whatever may be

Living life to the extremes, I'm prone to insanity

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grinding Lindsay Lohan

I wanna be a blonde haired guy so freakin' bad

Do all the stupid things I always do

I wanna be on the cover of People magazine

Grinding next to Paris & Lindsay

Every time I find a guy

I slip and land right on my ass

A different party every night oh

I swear the world better prepare

For when I'm a blonde bimbo

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today's A New Day And It Starts All Over Again

Today's a new day and it starts all over again. Because that's how we roll.
Bring out the fighting spirit. That's all you'll need.
Live life to the fullest and don't let any dreams go by.
If you do, then one day you'll wake up and wonder why.

0500 Reveille
0530 Airport to drop dad
0730 Air Force Training Command
1600 Physical Training
1800 Church
1900 Katong Laksa dinner with the guys
2100 Party
0000 McDonald's
0100 Lights out