Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Dance Floor Is A Battlefield

A crowd like this, it's going to be sick. You need to work some magic
Bring on the fight and stand ready to die.
I know, I know, a crowd like this, it's going to be a battle
If it's a war they want, a war they shall receive
First Coy warriors marching down the line
Keshik warriors dancing all around

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Speed

What is the season of Christmas really about? Eating? Praying? Showing love to the less fortunate? Spending time with loved ones? Or maybe finding an excuse to party. Whatever the case may be, Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth of Christ and we have so many ways of celebrating with Jesus because he is the reason we have this holiday.
On Christmas eve, some friends and I had planned to spend time at ECP after Mass @ St Pat's. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances we ended up in a hawker place. But hey, Mary and Joseph had nowhere to go when she was about to give birth to Jesus. The only place available was a stable and they humbly accepted it.

Went travelling around after that eating. From Bak Chor Mee to Toast and coffee to Prata. I can't help it, being a soldier has rapidly increased my appetite. In total, checked my meter and apparently I drove a total of about 150km in 2 days. Feels good to be behind the wheel again!

Key events going down this week.
  1. 16Km route march
  2. Drill Competition
  3. Discovery centre visit

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home Near The Christmas Tree

National Education Day will be celebrated this week in my camp and I've been assigned i/c of the event in my company. I need to prepare a showcase and I'm currently planning a skit, dance and montage of photos of the company events from the beginning of our enlistment. Hope everything goes according to plan!

"Corey 'I have 4 tickets to this gay party at Butter Factory. Anyone wanna come I don't want to go alone!'

Nikki 'You go lah. You're gay enough for four tickets!'"

'Christmas is coming up
There's nothing more I want
Than to be at home
Sitting near the Christmas Tree...'

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Everything Only In Time

Completed my 'Situational Test' aka Sit Test this last week in camp. Hence the late book out.

Immediately rushed down to Gillian's home for our Lector's Christmas party. A nice start to the festive season especially since I'm undergoing military training and won't get many opportunities to celebrate. I guess we all have different walks of life. Drove down to East Coast beach after for supper with Kelvin.

Attended Mass this morning with my bro (Praying for you Addison that you prepare well and ace your papers this week!) and then met Corey and Bob for steamboat and dessert at Everything With Fries! A belated birthday celebration for Bob and Corey who has just finished his National Service liability whereas I have just begun mine. All in all, I'm very thankful for the opportunity to even book out and experience freedom and spend time with family and friends which we so easily take for granted.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stand And Deliver!

'There will be no more training for war...
Let your armour be the Lord Jesus Christ...
Stand ready...'

Words taken from Mass today. Being in the army, it's no wonder these words caught my attention. However, the military goes on. And we hold on to our faith and believes in our hearts and minds.

On a different note, had my first official book-out this weekend. Did dinner at Scruffy Murphy's on Friday night with Corey and Bob. Breakfast with G on Sat, lunch with Darren and Sheryl at Dome. Novena and Movie in the evening followed by dinner and drinks at Durty Nelly's with Addison and Corey and Dom and Hazel joined us too. All in all, had really good food with fun and loving friends and family. Will be booking in this evening.

Itinerary for this coming week:
- Outfield Training (Mon-Fri)
- Br Kelvin's sister's wedding (Sat)
- Standard Chartered Marathon (Sun)

Lord, help me!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pre-Enlistment Madness!

I remember receiving a letter back in May informing me of my Nov 9 enlistment date into the army in which I will be undergoing a 9 week basic military training. And now, 6 months later this day beckons. Running every night at East Coast was literally my only source of escape into feeling safe and drowning my doubts and fears about enlistment.

But this whirlwind of a week was definitely a big push in the right direction. Been receiving so much encouragement and prayers from my family, friends, lectors, etc! And for everyone that I have had the opportunity to meet up with or talk to on the phone, I'm truly blessed and knowing that I have this HELLA GOOD circle of people around, it makes me inspired to serve and protect all of you, UNDERNEATH IT ALL!

"When it's really bad, I guess it's not that bad!"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Don't Cost A Thing!

"The showdown is upon you. The battle between good and evil.
You're at your final life line. Without hesitation you hastily waste it.
Your mind is frolicking with ideas. You cannot decide.
Time is suddenly of the essence. And you return to square one.
All the small things suddenly seem so much bigger. And you just dance."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rebel Rebel Trip Trip!

"I'd be trippin' and you'd be spilling.
Getting into a gridlock all after running around the block.

"We'll be flipping while working on our tanning.
Trimming and grinding all through the nightfall, we'll be working."

Friday, October 22, 2010

English vs Singlish

Had lunch at Astons today with Karen and some colleagues. During lunch one of them said the party behind me are teachers too from hearing their conversation (It was quite loud). I said their most probably in the CL dept since their all speaking Mandarin. Bewildered, she replied that their not speaking Mandarin but English or the correct term rather would be, Singlish! Haha! A hybrid of English, Malay, Hokkien, Punjabi, etc and mostly spoken in Singapore.

I pressed harder to hear again and shit man, they really were speaking in English or rather, Singlish. It was so bad and they spoke so fast I didn't believe it could really be in ENGLISH.

I wonder if people can really grasp the skill of switching on and off their use of Singlish. When I travel overseas I find myself not using Singlish at all but it occasionally slips on rare occasions.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


H2O, the vital element that keeps us all up and running. And lucky for us, G and I got some very much needed hydrotherapy at Holland V over the weekend. To be honest, I do not drink the minimum amount of water needed per day and that has led to some undesirable outcomes. Trying to improve on my water consumption especially now that I'm working and need to use/ STRAIN my voice so often.

Found this article below about WHY YOU NEED TO DRINK UP! It's so accurate and I can especially relate to the part which states, "Many men are dehydrated and don't even know it." Read the article and get inspired to ensure your necessary daily intake of H2O!