Monday, May 3, 2010

Honey, Where Did My Ring Go?

The whole reason I planned this trip to California to begin with was to attend my cousin's wedding. And on May 1, Melvin tied the knot with fiance Mayra with a beautiful wedding ceremony and dinner held at The Grand in Long Beach.

There's something about me that finds so much fun in attending weddings. I've traveled to India, Australia and now America to attend and be part of one of the biggest day one celebrates in their life. The other "big days" has got to be the day you move out of your parent's home and live independently, right? Or maybe the day you reach 18 or 21 and become legal to do most "fun" activities.

But anyway, this wedding was no different from all the others I had attended. Meaning, I always meet new family that I've never met before. The table I was seated at was arranged for us "kids" aka "cousins" and they were crazy and so much fun to be around with. Hope I get to meet up with them again.

The most unique idea at the wedding was this photo booth set up. Guests would go inside with props provided and get their pictures taken. When they are done, the photos would be printed immediately and pasted in the guest book and they can sign and write their best wishes for the couple next to their picture. I thought that was just genius!

Towards the end of the night, Melvin lost his wedding ring. The DJ stopped the music and turned on the lights disrupting the "club like" atmosphere going down on the dance floor. Everybody frantically started searching under tables and chairs until one of the Groom's men found it and and the party resumed! My cousin Briana is planning her wedding in California next year and wants a Military themed wedding. Ironic since I'm going to be in the army.

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