Friday, May 7, 2010

It's A Man's World

Last week I watched an independent film titled "The Stoning Of Soraya M.". The movie set in Iran is based on a true story and was indeed brilliant.

It portrays the innocence of women in countries where men are superior to women and the latter are treated as second class. I.e If a man accuses a woman of a crime, she would have to prove her innocence without the man needing to provide evidence of the accusation to begin with. However, if a woman accuses a man of a crime, she would need to give evidence of his guilt without the man needing to prove his innocence. This discrimination towards women brings literal meaning to the saying "It's A Man's World".

In this movie, the husband of Soraya, Ali, wants a divorce from her so he can get re-married to another lady. Soraya refuses as she has four kids to feed and it would not be possible if her husband abandons and leaves her to fend for the whole family. Thus, Ali frames Soraya for adultery and convinces the entire town and "Government officials" that she is guilty. Her punishment... To be stoned.

It's really such a shame to see that this in still being practiced down there and other cities in the world. You would think that by now someone would have put their foot down and stopped this discriminating laws but it's not done yet. We can only pray for the safety of innocent people everywhere.

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