Thursday, September 17, 2009

When Words Contradict

Bob and I went down to Plaza for dinner at subway last night before watching The Time Traveller's Wife and we had a chat on owning pets which led to the following.

Bob: I think I wanna work at SPCA

DG: Em, why?

Bob: Because I love animals and I want to care for them.

DG: Alright, I can give you the number of a friend I know of that works there.

Bob: I wonder how much is the pay.. If it's quite low I might reconsider.

DG: Oh what happened to "caring" and "loving" for animals?!

Bob: ...

I wanna own a pet dog in the future. I can just imagine taking it on walks around the neighbourhood and going cycling or running with it to the beach on weekends! I was going to get a Doberman and after talking with Addison, we had decided to name it Sasha. (Like a lil Sasha Fierce? lol)

I had gone to buy all the supplies that I would need to prepare myself as a new dog owner and got so excited about the arrival of Sasha the next morning.

However, just as I got back from the store was I greeted with a call that would be the last thing that I had wanted to hear. Hm.. I stopped the delivery of the supplies immediately and the store agreed to a refund! I took this as a sign for better things to come in the future perhaps?

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