Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Someone Has Found His Game

As much as everybody predicted Roger Federer to conquer the US Open held in New York for a record breaking sixth win, things did not quite turn out as expected.

Congratulations to the winner this year and his first grand slam title win, the world number five, 20 year old, Juan Martin del Potro. He must have seriously worked his ass off in training, beating the top three in tennis! His zest for the game and attitude is motivating to many people out there who are discouraged and feel that they could never out-perform someone they think is "bigger" or better than themselves. Things are getting heated in Tennis now as many people are predicting del Potro to be a big competitor for the grand slams next year.

The game is so unpredictable I must say and it really is anybody's game. Federer is still a huge inpriration to me and I believe he played really well over the two weeks from the matches and highlights that I caught. Perhaps he got to caught up in winning and wasn't as focused as he should have been. It's definite that Federer will continue training even harder to prepare himself for next year. In the mean time, he can focus on his family especially his new born twins.

Kudos to Kim Clijsters on winning the US Open Women's Singles Title as well.

Team Federer: Mirka Vavrinec, Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani as well as Anna Wintour

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