Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For Better or Worse

A woman, Wok Kundor in Malaysia is currently 107 years old and married. She's married to husband number 22. You know what else, he's 70 years younger than her!!! She has announced recently that she plans on leaving him unless he can prove that he is "the real deal".

She plans to re-marry again to husband 23 if her current marriage doesn't work out. "My intention to remarry is to fill my forlornness and nothing more than that" she told a newspaper. Wow and I thought the celebrities were bad in marriages, not all of them, just some. To read the full article, click here.

Speaking of weddings, my neighbour and childhood friend Marianne is getting married this Saturday. Can't wait for the wedding and still thinking of a wedding present for them. It's going to be awesome! With all this wedding craze, I decided to put up this video which made the song "Forever" by Chris Brown quite on demand recently and it is such a feel-good wedding video. Enjoy!

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