Sunday, September 26, 2010


Meet ups with friends and family over the weekend put so much life back in me again after weeks of covering duties in St Pat's. Had a great dinner with Addison and Desmond on Friday with so much discussions about Teaching life and swapping stories with each other about our experiences in the classroom and shenanigans from students.

Managed to catch up with Tor, Dom and Chris for dinner on Sat and made some extra money after from Poker at Cor's house with the homies. Spent Sunday meeting at my cousin's home for their kid's First Holy Communion, birthday party and watched the F1 night race! The only daunting thing I must admit about this weekend is that I have been considering letting somebody I once left behind back into my life again. After tying up loose ends it seems everything was great, in fact, fantastic! But perseverance from people seems to have an impact on me. What will I do?

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