Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Wicked Down Under!

Got a whole new meaning to the term "Down Under" on my vacation to Perth, WA last week. And boy is everything low, loaded and branded! The thing I find appealing going to another country is that I'm always living a different lifestyle. That's kinda like my motto and I live true to it by doing things I won't normally do back home.

Here's a breakdown of the things I did in Perth; From taking the subway like J Lo... to eating to my heart's content like Kirstie Alley... to visiting Churches like Mother Teresa... to shopping like Paris Hilton... to relaxing with the company of nature and country like Jason Mraz... and last but not least partying it up like P Diddy! (Ok not, Diddy, that's a tad over the top! Oh wait, Yes, Diddy!)

It was only a week so that was about all we could squeeze into the itinerary. I must admit I didn't think I was gonna have as much fun as I did in Perth and I'm glad everything happened the way it did. To my mates, the blokes and blonds, thanks for a good time!

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