Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shifting Gears

Things change and people change. Relationships can shift gears as quick as lightning. And the craziest thing comes from cracking your head trying to figure out that moment where it all changed. What was the one word, one thing, one variable that could have made a great enough impact that stirred a roller coaster of emotions.

You are in the driver's seat so take the wheel and don't let go. Life is so indefinite. Feelings like people, come and go. As much as you'd love to take control and have everyone see your way, we've gotta take reality more seriously. At some point you start to wonder if it was all worth it. What were you really doing it for and if your actions even mattered. The only constant is you.

The stars above give some hope. No matter what happens, the world continues spinning and life will be better off with or without you. There's too much crazy in the world to take things too seriously. Kickback and sip your tea. The world's not going anywhere, just you. Swing from tree to tree. Bust out of that shoe box and catch some waves.

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