Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just For Leisure!

Vitamin C - Graduation (Friends Forever) comes on the radio.

Corey: 'This is S Club 7 right?
Me: 'No! It's Vitamin C!
Corey: 'Oh, sorry... I don't listen to all this rubbish!'
Me: 'Then why are you dancing to the song?'
Corey: 'I'm singing another song in my head!'
Me: 'Oh, okay.'

10 seconds later... Corey starts SINGING OUT LOUD.

♫ As we go on
we remember
all the times we
had together

Me: 'Didn't you say that this song was rubbish!
Corey: 'I'm singing another song!'
Me: -_-

@ Cassie's CNY party
@Dom's CNY party
This Chinese New Year week was a good break from all the stress and studies.

I think I may be busier than most Chinese people on their own holiday! Haha!

Played a lot of poker and black jack. Did good on some nights and not so well on some.

Need more luck and some help to kick this addiction.

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