Thursday, February 3, 2011

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

A few weeks ago Nikki passed me Seasons 1-3 of 90210. I began watching it and thought the show was terrible but nonetheless still continued on - Because I like drama and they do have some good writing in the series. However, they need better actors.

The characters in the series are out of control and have no freakin' sense of loyalty. The worst character is Dickson. If you've watched the show you would know how incredibly pretentious he is. He is the epitome of the kind of friend, brother and son you wouldn't want to have.

Although some can't act they make up for it with their good looks and very seductive personality i.e. Adrianna. She's the prettiest one in the show and her character has that typical Hollywood cycle - Drugs, rehab, pregnancy, cheating, etc. Not a good role model but a sight for sore eyes nonetheless.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going
It really bothers me that each friend is always abandoned when they've hit rock bottom. Their compadres rather have nothing to do with them than to be there and go through the rough patches in life with their friend. Isn't that the process of growing and building the friendship/ relationship?

The power of love
The show is a testimony that relationships never last. Love, loyalty and lust (go figure) doesn't mean a thing. What happened to being there for each other through thick and thin? Words are meaningless and temporary is the conclusion one can make. They do talk about being open and trusting each other but when it all boils down to that moment to prove that they do indeed TRUST one another, they hide and they take shelter to save face. Seriously, I know it can be hard but at least try!

Everybody deserves a second chance
The show does emphasize here and there about how you can make amends and prove your loyalty to the one you love and be part of them. I'm such a sucker for second chances and as much as I hate to admit it, I've got a soft heart that just melts when I see that. You can't stay mad at someone you've been so close to before. Time heals everything.

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