Saturday, February 6, 2010

You Can't Push It Underground (You Can't Stop It Screaming Out)

When Debs and I heard Muse was gonna play in town in February, we immediately booked our tickets on opening day at 9am sharp last year.

After months of waiting, we finally got to witness one of our favourite bands, Muse, perform live! The synergy amongst the 3 band members Matt, Dom and Chris is phenomenal.

Some things I learnt about the band:

1- They sound exactly as they do on their records and hearing it loud and live is really one of the best feelings.
2- They don't talk much with the audience. This was a disappointment because I enjoy some personal interaction with the audience from performers.
3- They really are the best live band (After No Doubt). These are some of my thoughts about the concert.

Debs, Diana and I took a drive to McDonald's for some refreshing coca cola after the hysteria that was Muse and like any rock concert pushing and jumping and squeezing and things breaking that took place. I'm glad Debs enjoyed her first concert and what more than to attend a Muse concert for your first!

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