Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here We Go Again

There's alot of things taking place in my world at the moment which has deprived me of time to update this site. Okay, maybe that's just as excuse. But seriously, after 3 years in the Polytechnic, my final exams are around the corner. I have 3 papers to sit for and 1 report to write based on Social Media in Higher Education. If I can pull myself together and study harder than I ever have... then by a stroke of luck my GPA may improve, I hope at least.

Furthermore, I have been reflecting ALOT about what I have really taken out of studying 3 years in the Poly, i.e what have I learned and how can I apply it to my future? As I began to ponder, I realized that there have been much to take away from this diploma and it's just a matter of how much I want to take away from it and how much I can remember. If that even makes any sense at all.

The other thing that I am concerned about is that I have begun to feel disconnected with my closest friends. I tend to avoid going out to party or spending time outside lately with my papers around the corner and I feel this is taking a toll on things. I have so much to make up for after my finals. Hold on world and get ready, cause here I come!

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