Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Come Knocking On My Door

Sorry for the lack of updates, with all the exam fever spreading, life gets more tense and complicated. But amidst all that, I took a break and went for some drinks with my friends at Chevy. It didn't work or at least it worked to a certain extent. Some twisted mess surfaced that night but it worked out alright I guess. Felt like it was a whole Heidi-Spencer-Lauren episode!
There's also an episode of Sex And The City in season 3 when Miranda dates Carrie's ex-boyfriend. He turns out to be an ass to Carrie and Miranda leaves off with her. It's a perfect example of how relationships should never cross the line of friendships. Besides all that, I worked on my research report over the weekend on Social Media and next is Banking Law! I'll graduate with my diploma very soon.

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