Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's In Your Eyes

I did something crazy by accident. It could have been worse though. But hey, what's new?

Then I woke up and thought it was nothing but just a dream. I proceeded to wash my face and looked in the mirror. It was there, and I stared back at it and it was real.

The eyes say it all. The Face has it written down all over. Not just a dream anymore, not just a nightmare too, but a living figment of what I thought was my imagination.

When we all do something we wish we hadn't, I suppose it's only normal to rise in the morning with an open mind. An optimistic outlook on your day and hope and question if it was all just a dream.

Life isn't that simple and it's better to face reality. Our flaws, imperfections, strengths, ambitions. The faster we come to terms with the truth and what's real. The easier it is to move on. The better life becomes.

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