Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Out Of Time! (Quarters, Calls, Begging, $500?)

A long journey it has been indeed but the road stops somewhere and alas I made it to my final destination after 1 half or 2 days tops. The trip was an unimaginable one to all of you if you have not been by this route.

I experienced the hard life in a New York JFK episode filled with Anger; Sadness; Uncertainty; Regrets and Fellowship with a pinch of Peace at last. Sometimes I feel it's all a test. A test to learn to have patience, some faith and fun. A test to avoid over-thinking and doing anything rash in the midst of a hazy mind.

When we feel that we're out of time and life isn't going as it should be, that's the sign to calm down and not do anything rash because we may end up saying or thinking it to ourselves, "SHOOT!!!" or "FUCK!!!" or "DAMN!!!".

"Why am I so curious? This territory is dangerous! I'll probably end up at the start. I'll be back in line with my broken heart."
New by No Doubt

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