Monday, March 15, 2010

A Bingo Birthday Bash

The weekends are what we all look forward to and this one on no exception especially for Mr Oliveiro who turned 21! To mark the occassion, we celebrated Corey's 21st birthday on Saturday at Taboo and Sunday at his home.

We were given the entire attic on the third floor of Taboo to use at our discretion for the whole night! It was massive and we had more than enough room to create our own dancefloor up there which we maximised to our utmost benefit and had the most fun and a crazy wicked time of our lives! At one point, I remember we were all singing and using hand movements simultaneously to the lyrics of "My Heart Will Go On".. Near... Far! It was really hilarious, wish I had recorded it on video!

At midnight, we surprised the birthday boy with my usual Oreo cheesecake and a Flaming Lamborghini.

After the minimal amount of sleep from the party, we moved on to Cor's house the following day for part two of the celebrations. Doubt I could have partied some more after Zouk on Friday and Taboo on Saturday. Thankfully, the house party was a more mellow one. We played some Bingo, did some catching up with friends and had a scrumptious dinner.

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