Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Pat's Junkie!

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone! I studied in St Pat's from 2002-2006 and it was in this school that I found love and life among the people I was in contact with in class or my CCA's.

Studying in a mission school, there are so many values and virtues that are instilled into the students and I grew into my teenage years learning and practicing some of these virtues like Humanity, Humility and Honesty.

Hence, this entry is dedicated to those years and it gives a flashback into a previous chapter of a part of my life that I will always remember.

Whether it was the whimsical behaviour of my classmates to learning servant leadership by going out and helping the poor to talking and creating a mess in the classroom to leading the morning assembly prayer and learning what it means to be a Catholic to performing plays, songs, etc on stage and the list goes on and on.

It was definitely one of the best times in most of our lives that we lived as Patricians!

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