Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 Nights in India

India was incredible, a certain part of it at least.
Attended my cousin's wedding which was a fun culture collision of India meets Taiwan. Visited cultural places like the palace of the King and Queen from centuries ago and a "pilgrimage" to St Alphonsa's Church. Had the pre-wedding party on Sunday and the actual wedding on Monday. I'm glad to see that India is improving and slowly picking itself up. I did feel however like I have been living in the stone ages the past few days of living there.

It was exciting still getting to meet family that I've never met before and some that I have but couldn't quite seem to remember, darn, it made me feel just awful about. Kinda shows how my memory is just deteriorating. Time to boost the brain cells! I have yet to receive pictures from the wedding so I'm only uploading snaps from the "touristy" areas.

Walking up to the Palace

The Deer Park

A dinosaur made from fibre glass

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