Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wicked Games

Push yourself to the limit!

Travelled to town this morning to Gym at California Fitness with Darren. He had a buddy pass and asked me along too, especially since there was going to be a personal trainer for this session. Seriously, I understand now how the stars keep fit especially those that give birth and display their abs and post-baby bods within a month... Heidi klum for instance! It takes whole lot of commitment from the individual and in addition, physical and mental strength. Persistence is key in delivering. If you want it, you've gotta work hard for it. Trainers normally expect a 100% commitment from their students too. The facilities there are great anyway.

Met Toria afterwards for lunch and coffee following that at Gloria Jeans. Thought it was about time we catch up since we hardly meet these days in school.

Headed over to St Patrick's in the evening for a Legion of Mary reunion. It was fun catching up with everyone again.

Made it home in time for Poker night. The guys were playing a drinking game using the roulette to get warmed up. Roulette was wicked! Played poker until 5am. Was worth it since i made a reasonable profit eventually. Family friends from US came in at 2am and will be staying here. Lorenzo made a joke that our place is "like an open house". We get visitors all the time and it's fun having people around the house.