Friday, July 3, 2009


It's amazing how I've come to realize that it is already July 2009.
Almost seems like I've been disconnected from the World around me. Not only with the World but my goals for this year too. At least I can say that the past 6 months have not been all too bad.

Tried new things from playing poker to fishing. Travelled around Asia mostly, especially to Malaysia, Indonesia and India and met cousins earlier in January that I've not seen since I was probably 3? because they migrated to Canada. Did all kinds of water sports in Bintan too which made me challenge my fear of the sea! As for now, I bought a new tennis and badminton racket and will start playing next week for sure. The next phase is to find a job. Yeah, I'll probably get about applying for the one at Esplanade that I've been procrastinating for almost a year already. Damnations! Well, this post is really more of a guilty pleasure. Just trying to keep myself grounded and focused.


  1. Hello. Just checking out new blogs and thought yours was really interesting. Hope you'd come check out mine. Amazing picture by the way.

  2. Thanks Lee Beth, yup I'll check it out.