Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Calling Dr Stefani

I was browsing FaceBook and stumbled upon this new application called "ASK GWEN STEFANI".

Interestingly enough and obviously, I clicked it and it really caught my attention. The application basically works like something similar to those horoscope readings people read. When you enter this site, it immediately sifts through the database to present you with your "advice for the day".

The advice for the day is a lyric/ line from a No Doubt/ Gwen Stefani song. I think that's just hella cool. And speaking of Cool, the "advice" I was presented with was "Memories seem like so long ago, time always kills the pain." The strange thing is that that is without a doubt my favourite line from the song. This line has really struck a cord with me ever since the first time I heard the song. The amazing substance the line holds sets me thinking of so many past incidences that are now just a memory and to let whatever has happened be blown away by the wind and move on.

Well I encourage you to try out the application. Consult Dr Gwen Stefani and see what medicine she has in stored for you?

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