Monday, October 5, 2009


In the past two months, the family of normally three had expanded to six with my aunt from India and Uncle from Canada visiting.

Uncle Joe left for Canada last week and tomorrow Dad and my Aunt Mary will be flying off to India. The house is going to seem so empty again. Not just that, I won't have murukku, papadums or chapatis prepared by my Aunt and left on the dining table anymore now, HAHAH.

On a lighter note, I finally picked up the strength, found some inspiration and made my way to the Gym this afternoon after a three week absence.

After I came out, I got a call from Dom asking me if I was going for our class chalet in the evening, which had kinda slipped my mind to be honest. I eventually decided not to go and stay home instead to catch season 3 of Brothers & Sisters on my HP. Not in the mood for any socialising right now.

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