Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Teaching Times

This picture was taken in 2007
Amazingly, I enjoy teaching more every time I try it. I began doing relief teaching at St Stephen's School in 2007 and have faithfully gone back to teach there every semester break.

I resumed work today and I enjoyed my day tremendously. I'll be teaching the primary 3 and 5 levels from today until Tuesday while in the midst of the PSLE examinations.

I can't explain it, but everytime I teach a class or even a pupil, I feel this overwhelming sense of joy. It's like doing charity, but instead of donating money, I'm "enriching" the minds of the future workers and leaders of society.

In the P3 class this morning, some pupils began throwing questions at me and it gave me an idea. I said to them, "If you complete your assignments and hand it in, I'll answer any of your questions".

This really worked and many of them finished it early and we had a short Q & A session before the end of class. They asked me things from sports to entertainment and even to my personal life. HAHAH. I hope the coming days would be easy and enjoyable as it was today. It's not always a joyride in the teaching profession.

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