Saturday, October 10, 2009

Video Clip On Demand (October)

I was lying on the bed in my room one sunny afternoon and began thinking of ways to keep "dannelunplugged" or "Twist & Shout" or whatever you wanna call my blog, fresh.

Hence, I thought of an idea for a new segment which will feature an entry every first week of the month showcasing my favourite scene(s) from programmes I've been watching from the previous month's Sandbox. Just for the record, I post up whatever books I'm reading, Songs I'm hooked on to and Movies or TV series I'm obsessed with on the side bar which is called The Sandbox.

From September's Sandbox I decided to go with an episode of Weeds (Season 5) titled "A Distinctive Horn". The clip reflects the tension being built up between Nancy and Esteban. Weeds is a fascinating drama/comedy which focuses on the life of Nancy Botwin played by Mary-Louise Parker. She is a widow and decides to sell marijuana to support her family. Mary-Louise Parker is an incredible actress and it's amazing how immersed she is in the role. Hope you enjoy this clip. More to come next month. Added additional footage from Will and Grace, just food for thought.

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