Saturday, January 30, 2010

We Are A Mix, Let's Ace!

If you thought you had dined in every way possible, think again! Pick one card and you don't know when to stop. I had been hearing good reviews about this restaurant, Ace at Chijmes so last night we went down for dinner.

Here's their selling point: You decide on your drink of choice on the menu, and they lay out before you a deck of cards. You pick a card from the deck and the price you pay for your drink is determined by the card! Yes, so if you take an Ace then it's free or a 2 or 10 then it's $2 or $10. However if it's a King, Queen or Jack then you pay the bar price and what's good is that there's nothing for you to lose. This game can get quite addictive though which would make you want to try again and again. Debs and Mel were pretty lucky that night!

Now let's talk about the drama that went down last night. There was table of Caucasians at the restaurant just beside Ace and Cor got curious about if they were straight or gay! No surprise there. But of course he wasn't going to go up to them himself so the girls took action. Yeah, they formulated a plan and worked together with the waiters at our restaurant and waiters from the other restaurant. Mel and Debs ended up writing a note to their table asking the question and the waiter kindly passed it on. And in a short while, the table replied back "It depends on who's asking, we have a mix". Cor got damn excited I remember he practically jumped out of his seat. This note exchange flirting went on for a while longer and the waiters were happy helping both tables. That's what I call going the extra mile for good service!

Besides all that drama, we had some good laughs playing a new game. It's simple, it only involves the words "penis" or vagina" and movie titles. So simply put it, if it's your turn you apply either word into a movie title. For e.g. "He's Just Not That Into Your Penis". If you pass 3 seconds or if the phrase is lame then the player either takes a shot or decided on a "truth or dare"!

If you haven't been to Ace, I would recommend this restaurant which offers delicious Indian cuisine. And to our dearest Cassie, we have your grandma in our prayers! Take care!
I'll let you decide on the caption! lol

The cards are laid, now taking our pick!

The Boys!

Now the Girls turn!

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