Saturday, July 24, 2010


Bought 2 new shirts about a month ago for 2 celebrations that was to take place in July. The first was the brown shirt I wore for Gavin's birthday and the second piece a white shirt with a blue line going down in the middle and I wore this for Diana's 20th last Wednesday! It reminds me of being a sailor for some reason. And both are from Topman! I think the new collections that have been coming in recently are really starting to take off!

Due to some lack of mixers, guests at the party ended up mixing really weird concoctions. But that was all good after I tried this delicious treat at the party called "Crinkles" brought by Erika all the way from the Philippines. After one, I just could not help myself but ate one after the other. The party moved over to Zouk after for some dirrty dancing all the way until closing and back to the hotel then! Hence the lack of updates due to the lack of sleep! Happy Birthday, Diana!

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