Friday, July 30, 2010

Time To Make You Sweat!

My go-to shop for pastries and cakes is nowhere but Savoury Fare at East Coast! Some friends and family would know me for buying them the delicious... Oreo Cheesecake on their birthday. But just recently, they added a new scrumptious... mouth-watering... Brownie Cheesecake and after one bite, it'd be no shocker why it is my current staple!

We bought this for Cassie's birthday last week and I was gratified to find that everyone including Debs who doesn't eat cheesecake liked... I mean LOVED it after trying some. Pearl said "like" is a total understatement, and hell yeah it is! It's gonna leave you feeling Yummy head to toe. If you're diet drama, you still can't help but grab hold of another piece!

"Ain't no cake you can find like this, I mean blow your mind like this."

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