Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Viva España!

Congratulations to Spain on their first ever World Cup victory! I'm not a big soccer fan but there's just something about tournaments like the World Cup that draws you in anticipation and intensity about the winners and losers.

As I watched the game, I could not be more than happy to see Spain victorious. The players played with such confidence and great defense and most importantly sportsmanship! Which is more than I could say for the Dutch. From the many yellow cards the Netherlands had received in such a short span of time, it was obvious that their tactics and mind were not in the game but rather to "kill and destroy"! The most ruthless act to me was when Nigel De Jong of the Netherlands tackled Xabi Alonso of Spain and delivered a kick in the chest!

Iker Casillas, Captain and goalkeeper, left audiences bewildered with his skills and charm on the field from jumping and kicking to ensure the safety of his team's victory! One of the best matches and was definitely filled with some drama, comedy (the part where everyone was falling like a domino effect) and a great ending! Oh what it must be like to be in Spain right now and all the celebrations! Maybe the team would be getting free stuff for the next 4 years!

PS: Looks like Paul, the oracle octopus was right once again making it 8 straight correct predictions (if I'm not wrong). Also got these photos from Zimbio.

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