Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Suddenly I See...

I think I have a relatively good work ethic. Started work at Sentosa Golf Club doing F&B, waitering stuff. And despite my slow pace at adjusting to a new environment and constant nonsensical chattering, I was actually commended for my work and given an honor that I was told nobody else had received.

Whenever I go into a new job, I like to get into it with the idea and remember that this is new and there's always something I can take away from the job and experiences I engage in. Hence why I'm USUALLY not too concerned about the amount I'm being paid. I know it sounds cliché but sometimes the reward of the experience makes up for the lack of money or the "voluntary service" provided.

Furthermore, certain things like the ethics and practices of your colleagues; the operations of the industry; the challenges and solutions of a problem are few examples of things to look out for. Basically, capitalize on everything you do because one day it would just come in handy. Despite the strenuous work load at the club having colleagues that you can talk and joke with makes it all worth the time and effort! Oh and being paid helps a tad too!

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