Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exam Fever

I am now in the examination period which will last until September 4. I sat for the Credit Risk paper today where we are somewhat in the shoes of a loan officer and we are taught how to determine if it is acceptable or not to grant a loan to firms or individuals. The paper seemed alright, and I am pretty optimistic about getting a good grade for it. At least that's one down and well three more to go.

The next few ones will be tougher so I'll probably have to work doubly hard. I have been procrastinating a lot because of technology and it's oh so many platforms like Twitter, FaceBook and spent some time coming up with post-exam plans. Will update more on that soon! Here's a picture of my study area too. Just look at all those notes! Also, my laptop beside me for whenever I feel like taking a break or Googling an answer that I can't find in the text book. However, I eventually start watching videos on YouTube or programmes like Weeds which is my current favourite. Need to get the rest from Addison. 1 week to go to freedom! Potest Qui Vult!

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